Daddy Shower

On Saturday, Jeremy came down to Beverly to throw me what I’ll call a “Daddy Shower”. It was just me and Jeremy, but we had a good time. We went out for breakfast at Michelle’s Place, a restaurant a few blocks away from our apartment. I’d never been there before, but it’s a place that I’ve heard about from Art and James, who live fairly close to the restaurant. The breakfast was pretty good… not as good as Parker’s Maple Barn or the Red Cottage, but still very good. (Incidentally, James happened to be there when we arrived. :-))

In addition to breakfast, Jeremy gave me a gift bag with some stuff for the baby from him and Angela, but geared towards Daddy, in the spirit of the Geeky Onesies. There was a bib hand-stitched by Angela with “Live Long and Feed Me” in the classic Star Trek font, a bunch of diapers custom labeled with funny sayings, a book of fun games to play with the baby, and a “Baby Geek” picture frame. Fun stuff. 🙂

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