Last Friday morning my Papa, Ralph Peter Quitadamo, passed away. He had been suffering for a while with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy; an Alzheimers-like brain disease.

We had the wake on Sunday night and the Funeral on Monday morning. My uncle Rich gave a wonderful eulogy and the National Guard performed a couple tear jerking ceremonies in honor of Papa, a career Guardsman. You can read his obituary at the funeral home’s website [here](

There’s no good in dwelling on the sadness, however, so here are some pictures to remember him by (I only wish I had some old pics scanned…they’re so much better!):

ppp|Papa and Rebecca

Papa and Rebecca


ppp|Papa and his siblings

Papa and his siblings


ppp|Papa and Ainsley

Papa and Ainsley


ppp|Papa and Grammy

Papa and Grammy


ppp|Papa and Grammy at our wedding

Papa and Grammy at our wedding


3 thoughts on “Papa

  1. Susie

    Dear Becky,
    What a wonderful tribute. I am sitting here w/Grammy looking at the beautiful pictures.
    Here is hoping you have a papoose to make Papa smile. xoxo Sue and Gram

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