Made for Me (2)

{This is post 2 in a twelve post series of things I am making for myself.}

So, for the next year I am challenging myself to create at least one piece a month for myself. It can be an item of clothing or jewelry or an accessory, it can be knit or sewn or strung or hot glued! The pieces need not be extravagant or runway ready, but I am hoping that they will all be finished enough for wearing in public.

This month’s project (and by ‘this month’ I mean ‘September’ despite the current month actually being October) is this lovely pair of maroon leggings.

I’ve been wanting to try some new things and I am not very well practiced with pants, especially adult sized pants. I used the tried and true method of tracing around pants that already fit and altering the size down to make skinny leggings.

Here are some thoughts about the making of these cozy leggings:

*I should definitely spend more than 5 or 6 minutes contemplating the plan.

*’Measure twice, cut once’ is very good advice that I should have heeded.

*Having a seam down the outside of one leg but not the other is not terribly noticeable (I hope!)

*Even if they aren’t perfect, they are certainly decent and modest and totally wearable.

*Of the many things that are nice to make at home, leggings might just be cheaper and easier to buy.

*They are very cozy on this crisp fall day. They might not be runway worthy, but they’re great under a skirt and I’m wearing them out to dinner!

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