I am very much thankful for the chance to study the Word in an intentional way at Alpha this Lenten season. The conversations and deeper community building are a lovely bonus!

Birthday Bolero

Last night’s knitting frenzy led to this lovely little article. I added buttons this morning, just in time for an afternoon birthday party. I think it is one of my favorite knitting projects to date.

The pattern itself was a bit tricky. It wasn’t a breezy, “watch tv and knit mindlessly” kind of pattern, but it was easy enough to follow and had some great tricks and structures to it. I love the way the sleeves came out and the broken rib stitch pattern on the body. Over all, just a brilliant, adorable little knit. I know there will be more coming off my needles now that I’ve gotten the hang of it!

[Ravelry link, for those so inclined]

In the Club

It’s St Patrick’s Day and I haven’t worn a lick of green. (I know, here come the pinches!) I didn’t make corned beef, or eat soda bread or drink a shamrock shake. I didn’t help my kids make leprechaun traps or have them pose for green-clad portraits to post on Facebook.

What I did do, however, was to hit a new goal at the gym this morning. The photo is blurry, which is apt, as that is how my vision was at the time as well! 1000 meters rowed in five minutes- a goal set by the other women I work out with, and something fun to work for. It took a few weeks for attempting it, but today was the day!

Nice to be in the club!

In Progress

Our wonderful downstairs tenant (aka Dad) has been working on freshening up our entry stairs.

The crumbling popcorn ceiling is now gone, replaced by a smooth and freshly painted ceiling. The wood floors and railing have been sanded and the walls have been cleaned, primed and painted.

We still have the floors to finish, the stairs to strip and paint and all the trim to paint, but it is looking (and feeling) so much better already!