Monthly Archives: February 2003

All boarding the Ark…

In my old blog I had written about the upcoming movie, Russian Ark. It is now being released in limited venues around the country. Tonight, Becky and I are going to see it at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge! Our tickets are secured, and I’m psyched. This film got a four-star review from the Boston Globe, as well as countless other raves and accolades. The movie follows the tale of a contemporary cinematographer who is transported 300 years into Russia’s past. He is able to walk around the Hermitage Museum and observe various events in Russian history. What is supposed to be truly amazing about the movie is that it was shot in one single continuous take. The camera simply wanders around the museum, from one setting to another. 2000 actors, 3 live orchestras, several months of rehearsal… promises to be VERY cool.

We’ll let you know how it turns out. 🙂

endless fun

Admit it. I know that all of you are looking for endless fun. And we have it available for you! What?! You hadn’t heard?

Take a quick look-see at the ‘links’ section over to your right. Do you see the link labeled ‘random blog’? Good. You can click on this link and be instantly (depending on your modem/broadband speed) transported to another random blog. {DISCLAIMER: World Wide Wood claims no connection with any of the blogs you are transported to. We neither endorse nor condemn the content of any of these sites}

For EVEN MORE endless fun you can click (and hold) on that link and drag it up into your ‘links’ navigational bar at the top of your browser. You can then surf from blog to blog until your eyes bulge out and hit the monitor.

James Taylor and… who?

Many news and entertainment sites mentioned that James Taylor gave a live performance during the 45th annual Grammy Awards last night. But no one so far has mentioned who he was playing WITH… hmm… how about the 13-time Grammy winning Yo-Yo Ma? Huh? Did ya forget about him? Geez, just because he doesn’t sing? So James Taylor is a living legend… but let’s give a little credit to the guy who backed him up, eh?

The Rest of the Weekend

As an addendum to my lengthy entry below, I wanted to say that the rest of the weekend was wonderful as well. Becky and I got to spend a lot of quality time together, in a VERY nice hotel. We had some good food, got to see the city, and slept in very late each day. 🙂 I have set up a photo gallery of the weekend, and you can see it here.