Monthly Archives: April 2017

Hoop Return

For about 25% of our time at the park today Esme worked on that fun trick of tossing the hula hoop out and getting it to come back to you. She definitely improved as time went on. Those looking closely can see that Uncle Corey’s “concentration tongue” is being well employed.

Science is Real

We spent a cold, wet afternoon on Boston Common today, marching for science. The crowd was a huge mass of scientists and science lovers and I was very impressed with the speakers. They brought their own stories and passions to the stage and were not afraid to approach some difficult topics.

Special commendation to everyone who made clever signs. I loved reading them all!


This dear little bookmark fell was found tucked in our copy of the Lord of the Rings when Peter recently took it off the shelf to read to the girls.

I must have used it when I (re)read the trilogy in 2001/02. But the bookmark itself dates to much earlier than than, I’d say elementary school, late 80s.

Einstein’s words are just as timely now as they ever were.