Monthly Archives: March 2003

Weekend Pics!

As Becky posted earlier, this weekend we were up in Maine for Aunt Emmeline’s 80th birthday party! We had a great time up there visiting with the extended Lowe family. The party was great, and we also got to do some shopping at the various outlets (Kittery and Freeport).

I took some photos at Emmeline’s birthday party, and here they are!

Out of that gallery comes today’s pic of the day — a particularly nice photo of Ken and Dianne!



Today’s Picture of the Day isn’t really a picture. It is more of a diagram that kind of explains were we’ll be all weekend.

It is my aunt Emeline’s 80th birthday and today her kids are throwing her a surprise birthday party. We’re going up to Freeport to celebrate with her. The chart is part of my family tree…many (or most) of whom wil be there too.

Feel free to continue browisng the geneology. I give you free reign to chuckle at some of the names 🙂

Dream Sequence

So last night I had a very vivid dream which I wanted to share with you all…

I was in the Army, apparently. I was dressed in military fatigues, wearing a helmet. I don’t remember being armed, but one would assume that I was. I was riding in an 18-passenger van with a bunch of other Army troops. We were driving somewhere dry, desertlike, but familiar. Not in Iraq or in a foreign country. I got the impression it was somewhere in the Southwest, maybe New Mexico or Arizona. We were hungry and we were looking for a place to eat. I was sitting near the back of the van, and I had a map that had the locations of Taco Bells in the area. I saw one on the map, and I tried to help the driver navigate to one. Then it got really weird. According to the map, the road to Taco Bell went straight up a sheer rock face. We got to the spot on the road where Taco Bell was supposed to be, but nothing was there. We stopped the van, and I got out and scrutinized the map. The rock face was tall, but not so tall that it couldn’t be climbed. I scrambled up the side, and peeked over the edge. There, as luck would have it, was a plaza with a Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut. I went in to the Taco Bell, but I didn’t have any cash on me. I made one of the other guys pay for me, but then I realized that there was an ATM inside the building and I could have gone there to get cash. Anyway, I ended up eating my food (I don’t recall what it was), and that’s about when the dream ended.

What the heck is that supposed to mean??

The Big Mess

So a big milestone is coming up for Boston’s Big Dig project. The new northbound section of the Central Artery Tunnel will be opening on Sunday. That means if you’re coming from the south of Boston on I-93, you can drive straight under the city and emerge onto the beautiful new Zakim bridge. Currently, you drive through a small tunnel in the south of Boston and then the rest of the drive through the city takes place on an ugly, green, rusting elevated highway.

The southbound side of the highway won’t be opening until some time next year.

Just for fun, he’re a look at one of the lovely interchanges in the current project… this is the interchange between I-90 (The Mass Pike) and I-93… spaghetti roads, galore!

My Friend…Mr W?

I have two bits of randomness for today. Here goes:

1. This link is for Melanie. I know she’ll find it funny. Everyone else can look at it too, but you’ll have to figure out why it is so special to Melanie and I. Guesses can be submitted via the comments button 🙂

2. At the bank here we have a customer who I’ll call, Mr. W. Mr. W comes through the drive up every day. Often he appears to have imbibed a bit too much at breakfast :). Two days in a row now as I say, “thank you, have a great day, Mr W” he has replied back to me, “Yes, Yes. And remember to keep breathing. It’s very Important…Very Important.” And then he flashes me the peace sign as he drives off in his station wagon. Very amusing.

Gold Stars

I did one of my favorite things just now. I wrote a letter. Not an email or a comment on a blog, but a real, old fashioned, handwritten letter. It was on fun paper and I added in some kiddy stickers from the bank. Quite a nice letter, if I do say so myself.

I must say, however, that I was truely disappointed with my penmanship. There were no gold stars attached to that letter. Now, I’m not saying that I ever had beautiful handwriting, but it was decent at least. Today it seemed to be quite below par.

Looking for an easy scape goat for my sloppy writing I will lay the blame on email. I simply just don’t do that much actual writing anymore. I type all my assignments for school, email most of my ‘pen pals’, type up grocery lists while I’m at work… just not too much formal writing.

This saddens me. I’m going to challenge myself. I’ve decided that I will be more focused on my penmanship. I will write more slowly and will be more careful in forming my letters. That should help.

A car on the moon??

Today’s picture is from our trip last summer to Florida. We visited the Kennedy Space Center, and Becky took this fabulous photo of me, next to a model of the lunar rover.

As Seinfeld said, “You fly all the way to the moon, get out a little car, and drive around in it. YOU’RE ON THE MOON!! Isn’t that FAR enough???”


Dead Duck Day

Have you seen “About a Boy” ? We rented it on Saturday and it was pleasantly entertaining. Hugh Grant was good…but I think that the kid (Nicholas somebody) stole the movie. What a cute kid!