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Nice Weekend

We ended up having some great weather for this Memorial Day Weekend. Becky and I spent the weekend at the Lowe house in Oak Bluffs on ***Martha’s Vineyard|***. We helped out with getting the house ready for summer – inside and out. We also had lots of great food and fun in the sun.

You can see the full, narrated photo gallery ***here|***, but I will give you a few teasers below:

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Font Feedback

Well, I think we’ll stick with font size “three” for now, which is 12 pixels. Four is borderline for comfortable viewing, but three is just about right. And it’s what we’re already using anyway. Heh. Oh well.

I did change the font sizes in the title of each heading, as well as the spacing between blog entries. Did anyone notice?

Font Size Again

It’s that time again… which of these font sizes is the smallest one you are comfortable reading?

This is font size one. This is font size one. This is font size one. This is font size one. This is font size one.
This is font size two. This is font size two. This is font size two. This is font size two. This is font size two.
This is font size three. This is font size three. This is font size three. This is font size three. This is font size three.
This is font size four. This is font size four. This is font size four. This is font size four. This is font size four.
This is font size five. This is font size five. This is font size five. This is font size five. This is font size five.
This is font size six. This is font size six. This is font size six. This is font size six. This is font size six.
This is font size seven. This is font size seven. This is font size seven. This is font size seven. This is font size seven.


A while back, late high school or early college, I bought the book, ***Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West|*** by Gregory Maguire,at building 19. I had never heard of it, but it looked interesting. I remember thinking that it was a decent read, despite having some strange bits.

Now that there has been such a huge clammer about Wicked (with the musical on Broadway and all) I thought I would read another novel by Maguire. Because I appreciate the experience of reading varied works of literature, I am glad that I read this book. The story told from the point of view of one of Cinderella’s stepsisters is certainly original, but unfortunately a bit lack luster.

Mr. Maguire, I feel, was more interested in writing side stories about “sensational” things (dwarfs, the Queen of the Hairy Chinned Gypsies) than the actual plot. He weaved in and out of coherency. The alternate view of the Cinderella story sheds light on what the ‘evil Stepmother’s’ motives might have been, and why the girls acted the way they did.

I think that perhaps Maguire was hoping to write a very ‘adult’ fairy tail full of sexual innuendo and magical creatures and events. My humble opinion is that he tried to hard. The plot starts out okay, but I had a very hard time turning pages in the middle I struggled to finish. The story wanders and lacks drive.

Anyway, I would recommend this book if you like to keep up on ‘popular novels’ but I is not something I pass on to others for pleasure reading. If you’ve read it let me know what you thought. I love to hear other’s opinions!


A couple of days a week I drive into downtown Boston. My journey takes me on Route 1 and then into the new 93 tunnel. Lately, I have been extreemly sensitive to the poor driving habits of my fellow drivers.

I’m not even going to talk about cell phones. They’re not the problem as far as I can tell. The problem is the arrogance of other drivers. They seem to feel as if they are the only car on the road. I see cars running red lights, swerving in and out of traffic, and neglecting to use their turn signals.

That is my biggest gripe. Everyone with a US drivers license must pass a driving test with the DMV. During this test they must drive, and use their turn signal when they hope to change lanes or turn. So, my question is, WHY HAVE THEY FORGOTTEN THAT THEY MUST USE THEIR BLINKERS???? I drive. I use my blinker. I don’t even think about it, it just happens. When others change lanes without their signals, they are putting themselves and others in danger. Do they expect me (or others) to be psychic and just KNOW that they’re going to turn? I’ve even had someone cut me off by changing lanes infront of me without their blinker…and then when they realized how close I was to their car they had the nerve to send me a less than polite hand signal. How was that my fault? AHHHHH!!!! JUST USE YOUR BLINKER!

That has to be my biggest pet peeve of all time. But on a better note, I would like to send a big shout out to Cheryl C. We don’t know each other, but she is a toll collector on the Tobin Bridge. She is always cheerful and polite and makes appropriate small talk at the booth. Most importantly, she keeps her lane cruising along, never backing up into traffic. I think she deserves an award! Yay Cheryl!

Pastors and Pastor Wannabes

For the Pastors and Pastor Wannabes out there, check out the ***Pastor’s Resource Center|*** at CBD. It’s a collection of products and resources for Christian pastors and others interested in preaching. It’s a very well put-together portion of our site (not that any portion is put together badly, but this one is particularly nice). Our prices are great, too, so hopefully you will want to buy some stuff.

For those who are curious, I and the other developers don’t actually write the content you see on any of those pages. We write and manage the back-end content management system that is used by our product editors in order to create their pages.


In the left hand side of the page, I’ve added a new section of my ‘articles’. These are full-length discussions of various technology issues. At the moment, there is the “Photo Shootout,” a review I conducted of six online photo printing services, and “Blogging With The Mac,” which I presented last week at the ***MacWoburn|*** meeting.

Check them out, and if you feel so inclined you can discuss them on the ***World Wide Wood discussion forums|***.

News Bites

Wednesday, May 19: I gave a presentation to the ***MacWoburn|*** Macintosh User Group on “Blogging With The Mac.” The presentation went well, and the attendees had some good questions about blogging in general, as well as the Mac OS applications I had reviewed in the process of preparing for the meeting. For those who couldn’t attend, I have a complete website available which details the essence of the presentation. It includes reviews of six different Mac OS X blogging applications, and you can find it ***here|***.

Saturday, May 22: Becky and I went down to Hyannis to visit Jeremy and Angela. We had a delicious dinner and then went out to get some ice cream at the opening night of ***Four Seas Ice Cream|*** in Centerville. I had peanut butter chocolate chip, while Becky had a pink-colored mint chip. Yum!

I brought along a couple video tapes so that Jeremy and I could continue our regular viewing of ***The Shield|***. We’ve been getting together to watch it since its debut in March of 2002 on FX. It’s admittedly quite an intense show (“too intense for network television”), but we’re strangely fascinated with it, along with millions of other viewers. If you haven’t been following the series, it’s probably a bit too late to tune in now, unless you buy the DVD’s and try to catch up.

Upcoming: We’re going to be out of town for the next three weekends, which should be fun. Two of them involve ***Martha’s Vineyard|***, and one involves ***New Jersey|***. We are also planning a road trip to ***Ohio|***, later this summer, to see my family, with a side trip to “***camp out|***” at ***Niagara Falls|***. (Note the quotes around camp out… though we may be sleeping in a tent, it’s far from roughing it.)

In the meantime, it’s ***business|*** as usual for me, and for Becky her new job with ***SPNEA|*** will be starting soon! If you haven’t already, stop by her entry a couple of posts down from this one and leave her a note! 🙂

Send Us Email!

Check out the left side of our page – you should see a new “Email Us!” link. It’s at the very bottom of every page, too. Feel free to use that whenever you want to send either of us (or both of us) email. It should make the task easier and more fun, as you won’t have to bring up your email client or log in to webmail to send it!