Monthly Archives: March 2017

Dance Station

In an attempt to move the dance gear from our living space, I quickly rigged up this little dance station in the attic. It has places for for shoes (current and ‘to grow into’), dance bags, leotards, tights, hair and makeup, and costumes. It’s not pretty, but it is all in one space, and for now I like it!


It was a two library kind of day today. Caught this snap of Catherine on third floor of the Cambridge library this afternoon. She’s just getting a few pages read in between Pokemon battles.


Over the years we have had varying levels of success when it comes to growing our own food. Weather, travel, sporadic interest and rabbits have all wreaked havoc with our attempts. The girls have both shown renewed interest in growing the things they like, both veggies and flowers, and today they planted seeds on a heavy duty plant caddy. With any luck, this time everything with be in our favor and we’ll have a little harvest come the end of summer.