Monthly Archives: December 2013

Couch of Cousins

three hundred and sixty three

It might have been dark and rainy outside, but we were all smiles inside!

For families that live far apart, Christmas can fall on the 29th of December without any of us batting an eye. Such a lovely day to spend together!

Santa Sleeps

three hundred and sixty two

Today we finished our two leg trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We’ve made this drive so many times that I have lost count. The girls are amazing road trippers and today’s trip was no exception.

Catherine hasn’t napped in the car for years, so you can imagine my surprise when it went quiet and I glanced back to find a sleeping santa.

Note that she hasn’t given up her horse, “Constellation, Jr.”, her new binoculars or the Where’s Waldo book she’d been looking at.

Christmas Hippos

three hundred and sixty

There is no door 26 on the girls’ advent calendar, but I think the swimming hippos from yesterday will keep us entertained for the rest of the month!

(super sweet calendar drawn by my second cousin’s wife Hannah)


Fill in the blanks with one of the answers below:

Esme : Uncle Corey as _____________ : _____________

a. The soft side of velcro : the prickly side

b. Bubblegum : the bottom of your shoe

c. White cat hair : your black sweater

d. A stamp : a letter

e. All of the above