Monthly Archives: January 2013

I heart spins

twenty eight

Since discovering a great rink that doesn’t charge for open skate, the girls and I have been ice skating at least once a week. I expected to see great strides in their skating confidence and ability, and I have, but have also been surprised that my own technique has improved.

Though I have always loved skating, my skills have been fairly rudimentary. Now, though, with all this practice (and with other accomplished skaters to watch) I have picked up some new tricks.

Today, with newly sharpened skates, a nearly empty rink and a bucketful of (misplaced?) confidence I embarked on a journey towards spinning. I’m no Nancy Kerrigan but I’m having a ton of fun!

It’s hard to see, but there’s a heart in my spin marks on the ice! (Can you see?)

Keys to the Past

twenty seven

I suppose one of these days I’ll get around to taking the key to my childhood home off my keyring. Especially considering that my parents sold the house and moved out a number of months ago!

That Which Nature Fails to Give Us…

…the Zamboni doth provide.

twenty three

A non 22* view of their apres skate activity today. I was, well, warming the car up for them… They’re growing increasingly frustrated with this so called ‘winter’ and it’s lack of snow. Thankfully, they are willing to take it wherever they can get it!