Monthly Archives: November 2017


This photo was taken accidentally as one of the girls handed back my phone. I almost deleted it, but I like the way it caught a little glimpse of the day’s project, along with my snack and tv-show (Christmas Cards, Market Basket Black Cherry Greek Yogurt and “Decline and Fall” on Acorn, respectively, in case you were curious.)


It’s hard to see, but Santa arrived in Salem at the top of the Hawthorne Hotel and deftly descended the firetruck ladder, mugging for the crowd all the way down. A great tradition and a fun way to ring in December!

Computer Fish

We passed a very nice morning at the science museum with friends. I never know what will catch their interest. Today it was this old exhibit that we’ve seen over and over and over. Today they spent almost half an hour experimenting with these programmable fish. Luckily it was a slow day and they had the room to themselves.

They also got a close up visit with a snapping turtle and built fish ladder models. All in all a good morning full of science.