Monthly Archives: May 2017

Friends, again.

While I never wish for my kids to have disagreements, misunderstandings or hurt feelings among their friends, it is ever so sweet to watch them speak their minds, apologize and make up. They do it on their own time and in fits and starts, but it happens nonetheless. I am especially glad to have friends who are gentle with all the kids and who give them time to work things out.

Cat Nap

We left this island on a rainy Monday afternoon, rode the crowded ferry and then filed onto the shuttle bus back to our car. I had my hand on the pole, but was looking right talking with Esme. I felt Catherine’s head on my arm, but didn’t turn back right away. By the time I did give her my attention, her head was heavy and she was sound asleep. Sweet thing!

Luckily for my arm, the bus ride didn’t last too much longer.


There are lots of different little steps we are taking while planning our big road trip. Some are more important than others, but they all require foresight.

Today, I put aside a roll of change in anticipation of the many pressed penny machines I’m sure we’ll come across. Two quarters and a penny, two quarters and a penny, right in a stack. Just enough for the cheap, kitschy souvenirs that I love.