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Today was Memorial Day in the United States, but it was also Catherine’s second birthday. So we celebrated both! In the morning, we had a tiny little birthday party with the three of us, with blueberry muffins baked fresh from scratch by Rebecca. We stuck some candles in one of them for “cake”:

Birthday Muffin

After she blew out the candles, she had us re-light them again and again and again… for practice, I guess. Here are some more photos from our little birthday shindig.

Later in the afternoon, we drove down to Boston and took advantage of the MFA‘s free admission. We got to see the exhibit “El Greco to Velazquez: Art during the Reign of Philip III.” Normally this exhibit would be $6 extra over the museum’s normal $17 price, but today it was all free, so we saved a total of $46. Nice! I think Catherine got a fair amount out of the museum considering that she is just two years old – we showed her some familiar things in various pieces of art, like cats, dogs, babies, hands, feet, hair, etc. There was even one painting in the El Greco -> Velazquez exhibit that showed Mary breastfeeding baby Jesus… I think the title was something like “Rest in the Flight To Egypt,” but doing a Google search for that title turned up several depictions of that scene, and none on the first few pages appear to be the same painting we saw, or by a Spanish artist. Any pointers would be appreciated!

Catherine also enjoyed a few long galleries that were luckily empty of other people at the time.

running the halls

You can see more pics from our Memorial Day trip to the MFA.

Florida 2008

Our trip to Florida was filled with sun, sand, ocean, games, food, rest, and relaxation. We spent a week in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, at a beach house rented from the family of a friend of my sister. There was no real agenda, although we did do a dolphin cruise one day. The best part, though, was getting to see my family:

the fam

For all of the photos from the trip, check out the Florida 2008 photo gallery.

Apple Store Boylston Street

Tonight, Rebecca, Catherine and I attended the grand opening of Apple’s first retail store in Boston, Apple Store Boylston Street. We drove down after work, parked at the Boston Common Garage, and walked the eight blocks or so to the Apple Store. By the time we arrived at 5 p.m., we found that the line had wound its way around the corner, down Fairfield Street, and all the way to Commonwealth Ave. That’s where we got in line. We spent the next hour and a half inching forward, all the while taking in the sights and sounds of the grandest Apple Store opening I’ve ever seen.

The crowd in line behind us.

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Next week’s forecast: relaxing!

I’m liking this forecast for next week:

We’ll be heading down to Florida on Saturday for a week with my parents, sister and brother-in-law. Sun, sand, warm weather, a house on the beach, nothing to do but relax. 🙂 (Kudos to Tripit for the extremely usable, well-designed, and feature-packed website which produced the above forecast, among other things. Just forward an email confirmation to for airline tickets, car rental, hotel reservation, etc, and Tripit will automatically build an itinerary with all sorts of useful info.)

In the meantime, I just have a few days of work to wrap up, some packing to do for the trip, and an Apple Store opening to attend tomorrow night. 🙂

Finally, if you haven’t already, please stop by Peter R. Wood Photography for some new photos, journal entries, and general photography information. I’d appreciate any comments or suggestions you have for things you’d like to see on that site!

Mother’s Day Weekend

In contrast to last weekend’s busyness with working on the house and going out to dinner and whatnot, this weekend was fairly low key. We did some housekeeping and busywork on Saturday, and Catherine and I took the opportunity to go to Lynch Park for a photo shoot.

What coal-burning power plant?

Today, for Mother’s day, I took care of all the meals. (I’m really good at cooking… up a trip to the local eateries for take-out.) After church, we went over to Lynch Park again for a picnic (we’re trying to get as much time there as possible before Memorial Day, at which point non-Beverly folk have to pay to park). Of course, more photos were taken.

Momma and Catherine twirl!

Yes, she got up there all by herself.

This week we’ll mostly be around home, but on Saturday we’re heading down to Florida for a week’s vacation with my parents and my sister and brother-in-law. I’m very much looking forward to it for many reasons: it will be good to see everyone in a nice, relaxed setting, good to have some nice weather, good to take a vacation from work (I’ve only taken one day off since New Year’s).

Bertucci’s and Beaches

On Sunday, we met Ken and Dianne at Bertucci’s at the North Shore Mall for dinner. Due to a variety of trips, we won’t be seeing them until early June, so we wanted to have some time to hang out and chat.

Catherine takes care of the bill

Luckily, Catherine took care of the bill for us. You can see some more pics from the trip here.

Today we were gifted with very nice weather, so we once again headed to Dane Street Beach.

More pics from that trip here.

Art Time

Catherine has been very interested in using her art easel lately. She loves her markers, crayons, pencils and watercolors. The last time we painted she kept putting her fingers in the watercolors (the hard, disk kind) instead of the paintbrush.

So, I thought she might like to try finger painting. Thanks to this recipe (second one down) I didn’t need to waste gas or money on getting new paints. I cooked up a batch, separated it into red, blue and yellow, and set the gal up at her easel.


Of course today she wouldn’t paint with anything but her paintbrush. I think she had a good time. There are more pictures here. Enjoy.

Top and Bottom

Today was another long day of work in the basement – 8:30 a.m. through 11:00 p.m.! As before, Ken led the way, taking us through finishing another small wall, putting strapping on the ceiling and putting DriCore subfloor down on the cement floor. We also had four electricians come by to assess the situation and get the information needed to give us quotes on the necessary electrical work. It was interesting to see four people working in the same profession, but with different opinions, personalities, and ideas. Hopefully by early next week we’ll have some price quotes and will be able to hire one of them to start ASAP. After the electrical is done, we have one minor plumbing issue to address, and then we can get our rough inspection. After that, it’s on to doing the finish work and making this basement a fully livable space!

You can see more photos from today.