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Wednesday, May 19: I gave a presentation to the ***MacWoburn|*** Macintosh User Group on “Blogging With The Mac.” The presentation went well, and the attendees had some good questions about blogging in general, as well as the Mac OS applications I had reviewed in the process of preparing for the meeting. For those who couldn’t attend, I have a complete website available which details the essence of the presentation. It includes reviews of six different Mac OS X blogging applications, and you can find it ***here|***.

Saturday, May 22: Becky and I went down to Hyannis to visit Jeremy and Angela. We had a delicious dinner and then went out to get some ice cream at the opening night of ***Four Seas Ice Cream|*** in Centerville. I had peanut butter chocolate chip, while Becky had a pink-colored mint chip. Yum!

I brought along a couple video tapes so that Jeremy and I could continue our regular viewing of ***The Shield|***. We’ve been getting together to watch it since its debut in March of 2002 on FX. It’s admittedly quite an intense show (“too intense for network television”), but we’re strangely fascinated with it, along with millions of other viewers. If you haven’t been following the series, it’s probably a bit too late to tune in now, unless you buy the DVD’s and try to catch up.

Upcoming: We’re going to be out of town for the next three weekends, which should be fun. Two of them involve ***Martha’s Vineyard|***, and one involves ***New Jersey|***. We are also planning a road trip to ***Ohio|***, later this summer, to see my family, with a side trip to “***camp out|***” at ***Niagara Falls|***. (Note the quotes around camp out… though we may be sleeping in a tent, it’s far from roughing it.)

In the meantime, it’s ***business|*** as usual for me, and for Becky her new job with ***SPNEA|*** will be starting soon! If you haven’t already, stop by her entry a couple of posts down from this one and leave her a note! 🙂

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