Yet another weekend away from Beverly. Not a bad thing! This weekend we were in Troy, New York to see Corey graduate from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ( pictures here ). The weather was beautiful for commencement on Saturday. The program was about three and a half hours long. The highlights:

  • Commencement speaker Benjamin S. Carson. Excellent, excellent speaker. One of the best I’ve ever heard.
  • Flyover by a B-2 Stealth Bomber – amazing! It actually made two passes of the field. The first time, it dipped its wing and flew right around the field. The second time, it flew directly over the field! It was one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen, hands down.
  • Corey walking across the stage (that’s what we were there for!)

Saturday after graduation, we ate lots of food at the post-graduation picnic. Saturday afternoon was relaxing, playing around in the pool and hot tub at the hotel. That night we had dinner at Cracker Barrel. One of my key observations from the trip: Cracker Barrel’s menu is ridiculously hokey and contains far too many occurrences of “n”. For example “Fixin’s ‘n’ Such” or “Chicken ‘n’ Gravy”. Their food is decent, but wow… the menu be needin’ some fixin’ up! I guess it’s b’caus’a da country style ‘n’ all, but anyway…

Today we helped Corey move the rest of his stuff out of his dorm, then Becky and I took the long drive back on the Mass Pike. It was actually a very pleasant day for the drive. The weather was again very clear, but unfortunately the closer we got to metro Boston, the less green we saw. 🙁 Now we’re back in Beverly for another week, and then it’s yet another weekend away – this time on the Vineyard!

I leave you all with perhaps the best picture of the graduate from this weekend:

Corey at his best

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