I’ve created a new feature for our site. It’s called Gordonexus. Basically, it’s a collecting spot for links to people who are or were related to Gordon College at some point.

It’s linked up above, and also in the right hand nav bar. I hope that the page will make it into some search engines, so that Gordon people will be able to find each other on the web. 🙂 I, of course, make no guarantees that the pages will be useful, or even interesting at all. 😉

If you’re a Gordonite or former Gordonite and would like to have your site on the Gordonexus, just let us know!

2 thoughts on “Gordonexus

  1. Mike

    So that’s what Art’s been up to lately…

    You forgot Erin Dooley (dot com) and Brother Sun (dot net). Erin and Andy are both Gordon alumni. 🙂

  2. Peter

    Oops. Yes, I forgot them indeed. I guess they weren’t the first thing that came to mind when I thought of Gordon people with websites, and they don’t come up when you search for Gordon College, so… but they’re on there now. 🙂 Little known fact, I actually recorded a cello track for two songs on a CD with Simon Miner, Andy Luman, and other sundry musicians, whilst helping out a visiting musician. You can hear one track here: http://artists.mp3s.com/artist_song/950/950114.html


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