Tangle with the Woods

Saturday afternoon, Becky and I packed up the car and headed out to Tanglewood in the Berkshires to see Garrison Keillor and A Prairie Home Companion.

The weather was perfect – warm air, clear skies. We had a nice picnic basket all packed up with snacks, and added a couple of sandwiches and cookies from a Subway when we arrived in Lenox.

The entertainment was great, as any fan of PHC would expect. The atmosphere at Tanglewood, particularly in the lawn area where we were sitting, is incredibly friendly, laid back, and relaxing. It was wonderful to simply walk among the crowds, even while the performance was going on. The music and comedy routines could be heard easily from just about anywhere you walked – I even took a walk far back to take in this magnificent view, and I could still hear just as well as I could back at our seat. Families and friends were enjoying meals together on the lawn. Some had set up simple blankets, like Becky and I did, and had brought dinners with them. Others had elaborate setups on the lawn, complete with tables, mounds of grilled meats, and rings of candles set up around their spots.

With the food, the atmosphere, the company, and the entertainment, it was an amazing day over all, and we are certainly looking forward to visiting Tanglewood again. 🙂

I did take some photos, as mentioned above, and you may see them in the Tanglewood gallery.

In other news, on Friday, Becky finished reading the fifth Harry Potter book, Order of the Phoenix, and handed it over to me. I’m happy to say that as of tonight, I have also finished reading it. As before, it was an immensely entertaining piece of fiction, and I only wish that the final two books were already available for us to devour. 🙂

Finally, there are only a few more days left until Becky and I head out to Portland for the O’Reilly Open Source Conference. We’re both very excited for the trip! But before that, there are still a few days of work to get through…

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