but he had an accent!

and an M.D. but he was no Luka Kovatch. I spent another evening at the Beverly Hospital Emergency Room. While cooking what would have been a very delicious supper I made a nice clean cut in my left middle finger. It wasn’t deep but the blood was definately making a run for it.

Peter took me to the hospital and without too much delay I was admitted to the fast-track. My er doc was of middle eastern decent and had a nice accent. He “glued” my wound up (with something called Dermabond) and left to get some paperwork for me. While he was out my body decided that it was no longer in “emergency” mode and that it would be okay to pass out. So i fainted. The nice nurse put a cold, wet cloth on my head and offered to wheel me out to the car. Fortunately I got better pretty quickly and was able to walk out on my own power. Alls well that ends well, don’cha know?

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