A Nightmare

I had a nightmare Thursday night. I was dreaming that Becky and I were on some sort of a college trip to a city like San Francisco. We were staying in a house down near the water. There was lots of stuff related to the trip and who we were travling with and the things we did, but I don’t remember that stuff. Here’s what I do remember. One night, we were walking down the hill outside of our house, towards the water. At one point I looked up towards the sky, and at that moment I heard a loud sound, like an enormous explosion or a huge clap of thunder. At the same time, I saw a streak of light and flames stab through the clouds and plunge into the ocean. I didn’t believe it at first, and I thought I must be dreaming. So I ran over to Becky and asked her if she had seen it too. She said she had! So at that point, I was really scared. I ran back to the hill, and I heard a peculiar sound like the boiling of water. To my shock, the ocean in front of us started to bubble and boil! The boiling kept increasing and moving ever closer towards the shore. I could see that it was going to crest over the shore some time soon, and that we would all be doomed. So I yelled to Becky “Let’s get out of here!” We both started running up the hill, away from the boiling ocean. It was at that point that I woke up.


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