The Trip In Review

Tuesday evening: Becky picked me up at work in Peabody and we drove to the ***Country Inn and Suites|*** in Frackville, PA.

Wednesday morning/afternoon: hung out around the hotel, did a bit of shopping

Wednesday evening: Christmas Eve church with Mom, Dad, Mark, Kirsten, Nana and Pop-Pop, and Tom at the Schuylkill Haven Nazarene church. After-church party at Aunt Kay’s with the full complement of relatives. Food consumed, catching up and first-time meetings done. Becky presented Peter with Christmas eve gift, ***handmade Christmas-tree pajama pants|***. Becky made herself a matching pair.

Thursday morning: Christmas morning in the hotel with Mom, Dad, Mark, and Kirsten. Stockings and gifts exchanged, games played, pools and hot tubs at the hotel utilized. Fun gifts: Spongebob Squarepants pajama pants for ***Peter|*** and ***Becky|***.

Thursday afternoon: Christmas Lunch at Aunt Chris’s. More food consumed.

Thursday evening: Christmas Dinner at Aunt Kay’s. More food consumed, gifts exchange, Yankee Swap conducted, much hilarity ensued.

Friday morning/afternoon: Day-after-Christmas “shopping” (read: experiencing) at ***Cabela’s|***. They had a full ***African diorama|***.

Friday evening: Birthday party for Mom at Aunt Chris’s. Pizza and ice cream cake consumed. Watched Bend it Like Beckham with Mark, Kirsten, Johanna and Chad.

Saturday morning: Depart Country Inn and Suites. Head for Townsend, Mass.

Saturday afternoon/evening: Arrive in Townsend, Mass. Watch remainder of “Unconditional Love” with Ken, Dianne, and Corey. Consume home-made pizza, exchange presents. Corey and ***Peter|*** play with their ***Zip-Zaps|***.

Sunday morning: Church at TCCUCC with Ken and Dianne.

Sunday afternoon: Lunch at ***Panera|*** in Nashua, bowling at ***Brunswick Zone|*** in Lowell. ***Big Winner: Ken|***; ***Big Loser: Peter|***. But it was still cool to see a ***Spongebob Squarepants bowling ball|***. Headed home to Beverly after bowling.

Sunday evening: Unpacked, settled in, took stock of all of the craziness.

The complete photo gallery for the trip is online in the family area of the gallery. If you’re a family member and don’t already know how to go there, please contact Peter and he will set you up. For those who aren’t family members, I’ve set up a photo gallery with select ***photos from Christmas 2003|***. Enjoy!

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