Just Smile and Nod!

I was out for a walk today with my cute twin cousins, Thomas and Christopher. Here’s the scene:

Characters: Rebecca (the cousin), Thomas and Christopher (non-identical twins), Lady in Red Coat (Strange Lady walking on the sidewalk)

Setting: A bright sunny afternoon. Boys are dressed in dark blue snow suits, dark blue and dark green hats, and are seated in a dark blue stroller. There is a blue blanket up to shade their eyes from the sun.

Rebecca: Hey boys! Don’t you love going for walks on lovely days like this?

T&C: (Simultaniously) MaMa, DaDa, EEEEEEE!!!, squeak!

LiRC: Oh my! Twins! I have two sets of twin grandchildren! Can I see them?

Rebecca: Um..okay. (Lifts blanket)

LiRC: Oh my! Two Girls!

Rebecca: (smiles) (nods)

LiRC: And they’re IDENTICAL! Oh!

Rebecca: (smiles) (nods)

LiRC: And they look just like you! How sweet!

Rebecca: (smiles) (nods)
(as LiRC walks away…Chuckles to herself)

Sometimes it is easier not to correct others and to let themselves be happy in their own little fantasies.

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