Photo Overload!

Oh no!

It seems that my web hosting provider has not been able to accurately gauge my disk space quota until now. I am alotted 1500 megs of space on their server, and I was under the impression I was using less than 500 of those megs.

Well, they’ve fixed their quota, and it now appears that I’m actually using 1249 out of the 1500 megs, and thus have only 250 megs free!

I’ve done some checking of my own and I’ve verified that I am, in fact, using up that much space on my account. A little over one third of this space is being used up by the photos in ***our gallery|***. The rest is being used by our email which is stored on the server, random content on our own website, and content from the websites of other folks who are hosted at

Individual albums in our gallery take up anywhere from less than 1 meg to over 18 megs, and most photos range from 100kb to 300kb in size. I feel like we’re doing pretty well as far as keeping the size of individual photos under control. It’s just that we have SO MANY PHOTOS — 3532 to be exact!

I guess it’s time to start looking at strategies on how to save some space… getting rid of photos, re-compressing photos so that they take up less space, etc. We’re already using our web host’s largest hosting plan, in terms of disk space, and purchasing additional disk space is a bit pricey.

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