Brother To Brother

Last week, the ownership of my employer, Christian Book Distributors, changed hands. The company was sold by its owner, Stephen Hendrickson, to his brother, Ray Hendrickson. Ray has been with the company for just as long as Steve, and I think he’ll do a great job. Obviously, with a new person in charge, there will be changes, but by and large I think Ray will stay true to Steve’s mission. There are sure to be interesting days ahead!

Since CBD is a privately-held company, I waited to post this news on my blog until I was sure that the sale was public knowledge.The Boston Herald ran an article today on the sale, so there you have it!

If you have any comments or feedback on the CBD website, the best thing to do is probably not to talk to me. Rather, please use our feedback page to make sure it goes through the proper channels.

Also, if you are within a day’s drive of Peabody, Massachusetts, plan to come to our Warehouse Sale on Saturday, September 18! It truly is a fascinating experience if you have never attended. People from all over the nation show up – I’ve even heard that some churches in the midwest charter buses and drive out to make a trip of it! Our site has more information on the sale, if you’re curious. I’ll be there for much of the day, of course – almost all CBD employees put in a full day of work on warehouse sale days. So if you are planning on coming, drop me a line beforehand – I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you!

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