This has been a pretty big storm, but it hasn’t been quite as bad as the Nor’easter of December 2003. The temperatures during that storm were higher, with wetter, heavier snow, which is much harder to plow. The inches of accumulated snow were probably about the same, but this year it was very light and fluffy and easy to move.

Here’s a photo comparison… December 2003 on the left, January 2005 on the right. 🙂

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We’ve heard several mentions on the news of some big snowstorm in February of 2003, but we couldn’t quite recall the details. Well, thanks to a little searching of our own blog, I pulled up some blog entries for the storm of February 17, 2003 (which was nearly as big as this one and the one in December 2003): ***here|***, ***here|***, and ***here|***. For some odd reason, there are no photos from that storm. I might have to dig back in my iPhoto Library to see if I perhaps took some, but never uploaded them. However, I did find some photos from a snowstorm that happened about ***10 days|*** before that one.

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