Not an Oscar winner…

..but it won my heart. (awwww!)

Peter and I went to see ***In Good Company|*** last night. I was pleasantly surprised by the film. I had a feeling that I would enjoy it, but it turned out much differently than I had expected.

The movie parallels the lives of a 51 year old Ad Sales Exec and his 26 year old new boss. (Peter leaned over and said, “that would be like if I became your Dad’s new boss!!”) Though they are in different places in their lives, they are both struggling with carreer decisions, money, life choices, etc.

The pace of the movie was often excruciatingly slow, and that only made the picture better. The soundtrack was slow and soothing and sometimes non-existant. I found myself noticing the sound of the Movie Reel Machine in the projection room. Still, if it had been loud and fast, it would not have been the heart wrenching film that it was.

One of the things that I liked best in this movie was that the main characters are good, honest people. And they make the right choices in their lives. Not necessarily the choices that would make them happiest, or the richest, but the decisions that make sense. I left the theater feeling as if a huge population (the honest, hard working, moral sort) of people had finally been represented in a movie.

This film won’t win any awards. Dennis Quaid won’t be recognized for his portrayal of a deeply emotional character. This may just be a stepping stone for a very classic looking Topher Grace. In any case, it was a great film, uplifting and funny,

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