Snow Shmo

Well, there was supposed to be a ***Boston Weblogger meetup|*** at 7 p.m. tonight, but apparently we’re supposed to get some snow, so it was cancelled. It’s 8:38, and I have yet to see any snow up here in Beverly. Frankly, I think people around here get way too worked up about snow warnings. When they say that total accumulations will be 5-10 inches by daybreak tomorrow, that is not a lot of snow. Just drive safely, don’t panic, and everything will be fine. But whatever… everyone has their own threshhold for snow. I just expect New Englanders to be a bit hardier than this.

In the meantime, here are some fun photos for you.

Keyspan blocks the street

This photo was shot looking out of our parking lot up the street. I had barely enough room to drive by their truck and the hole they had dug into the ground. I knew that when I saw the spraypaint on the road a few days ago, that trouble would be a-brewin’…

ggg|grab_bag/IMG_0161|Keyspan blocking the street|ggg

Food and… ‘food’

Becky and I had dinner at ***Taco Bell|*** and then picked up some groceries at the Market Basket in Salem. Among the things we didn’t pick up:

Ground Buffalo

ggg|grab_bag/IMG_0164|Ground Buffalo|ggg

Ostrich Filet

ggg|grab_bag/IMG_0163|Ostrich Filet|ggg

Who buys this stuff? And why? (And where in Newark, NJ are there ostrich farms?)

2 thoughts on “Snow Shmo

  1. Angela

    Ostrich is actually supposed to be very good for you! I think it might be a little difficult to find a recipe for it, though. And just how would you go about seasoning buffalo?

  2. michelle

    Down the road from where my parents live, there is a bison (buffalo) farm, and there was one across the highway from the town where I went to school for the past five years. It’s getting to be a lot more popular. Apparently it’s supposed to be very tasty. You prepare it exactly the same way as beef. I’ve probably eaten it at potlucks and never even known.


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