Easter Weekend

Easter weekend saw Becky and I traveling separately, but ultimately ending up in the same place.

Becky left during the day on Friday to visit Gramma Q, and then headed out to Townsend for the night. I stayed at home and had some bachelor time, in which I attempted to write a ***PHP|http://www.php.net/*** ***flickr|http://www.flickr.com/*** photo uploader as an excercise. I never quite got it working, but it was certainly an educational experience. Thus far nobody on the flickr developers’ mailing list can figure out why it’s not working. If anyone wants to take a look, the source is available ***here|http://prwdot.org/flickr_upload.phps***.

On Saturday, I took the train in to Boston and did a bit of ***photography|http://gallery.prwdot.org/boston_20050326?page=1***. Primarily I took photos in and around the ***Boston Public Library|http://www.bpl.org/*** – a beautiful, old building in Copley Square. I also had lunch at ***Taco Bell|http://www.tacobell.com/*** with my cousin Mark, and got to check out the ***iZotope|http://www.izotope.com/*** offices in Kendall Square. Very cool. In the afternoon, I took a train from Boston out to Ayer (about a one-hour ride). Ken picked me up there (it’s 15-20 minutes from there to Townsend) and we headed to the Lowe house.

The rest of the weekend I spent with the Lowes. We had dinner Saturday night at Panda Wok in Townsend, and on Sunday we went to Easter services at Townsend Congregational, and then had a delicious Easter dinner at the Lowe house, prepared by Dianne. Becky and I left late in the afternoon, but not before we discovered that the horn on her Golf wasn’t working – a sure-fire way to fail the state inspection that she has to get this week. I had the idea to salvage the horn from the old VW Cabriolet sitting in their lot, and Ken did the actual grunt work of hooking up the wires and, er, bungee-ing the assembly into place. This is just a temporary fix until we can scavenge an actual replacement Golf horn. Thank goodness for the stockpile of old car stuff at the Lowes’!

Now it’s yet another busy week at work, and just four weeks to go until our Russia departure date! Our visa applications are still at the Russian Consulate – they take “no less than 8-10 business days to process”. Since the Consulate received them on Friday the 18th, that means the earliest possible date they would send them out is this Wednesday the 30th – if everything goes at top speed. I’m guessing we’ll probably get them back by the middle of next week, but we’ll see.

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