The Kremlin

fff|ggg|russia_featured_photos/P1010538|Becky in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral|ggg
ggg|russia_featured_photos/P1010521_edited|Guard at the Grave of the Unknown Soldier,
outside the Kremlin wall|ggg|fff

Today’s featured photos come from our visits to the Kremlin and Red Square. The first is St. Basil’s Cathedral (with Becky!). The second is a soldier guarding the Grave of the Unknown just outside of the Kremlin wall. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “The Kremlin

  1. Angela

    A few questions:

    The paint on the cathedral is so bright and vibrant. Is it historically accurate? How did they do that before modern paints?

    Did you notice the soldiers are wearing identical scowls? Is that part of the uniform or something?

    We hope you keep having a great time!

  2. kirsten carter

    Thanks for the updates and pictures! It is so neat that you are in Russia. Glad you made it safely there.
    Love and Prayers, Kirsten

  3. Rebecca

    According to our guidebook: The church was originally white with gold domes, but was painted various colors in 1670. It is my assumption that the colors are original, even if they are re-painted periodically.

    As for the scowls, I think that they are standard-issue among the military and the police force here.

  4. Rebecca

    Thanks to Michelle’s comment we did a (very) little research. We’ve noticed that in the picture on our Guidebook the domes of St. Basil’s are different colors than when we saw them two days ago. So, they must use new colors.
    (Sadly, we haven’t gotten too close to the church, Red Square has been closed since we got here!)

    Angela, drop by the Otis House sometime and I’ll show you how vivid the paint colors were in the 1700’s. It is surprising.


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