Two Sad Facts

One: I have worn my raincoat every day for the past week.
Two: I have not worn my sunglasses for the past week.

Here’s to hoping there are some clear, sunny days on the horizon.

I just had a cup of hot cocoa tonight. It was good, but… IT’S MAY 25!!! Hot cocoa?? And just what is up with having to turn on the heater??

3 thoughts on “Two Sad Facts

  1. Peter

    That cuts twice as deep:

    a) It was sunny enough for you to get burned.
    b) Your job affords you the opportunity to be outside long enough to be burned by the sun.

  2. jennifair

    I totally sympathize with you – it is (and has been!) rainy and disgusting here, too. I have not taken my jacket off all day (the boss decided that we don’t need heat) and I think I’m about to make some tea! But at least someone in my job sees a silver lining in this weather – it could be a million degrees, which would make students cranky and fidgety… especially since we have no air conditioning at work!


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