Wild Weekend

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We had quite an exciting weekend:

On Saturday, we were in Townsend to attend a graduation party for a friend of Becky’s family. In the morning, Becky and I, along with Ken, Dianne, and Corey, headed out onto the Nashua River to do some ***canoeing and kayaking|http://gallery.prwdot.org/canoeing_nashua***. We had quite a good time, and got to see lots of natural beauty, all while getting a decent upper body workout.

On Sunday, Becky and I drove up to Claremont, NH to visit our friends ***Jeremy and Angela|http://www.thebiggspicture.org/*** at their new house! On the way, we stopped for a quick, mosquito-infested hike up ***Mount Watatic|http://gallery.prwdot.org/mount_watatic*** in Ashburnham, MA. After arriving in Claremont, we got to see all of the work The Biggses have been doing and are planning on doing on ***the house|http://gallery.prwdot.org/grab_bag/P1030197***. After the house tour, the four of us went hiking at ***Pillsbury State Park|http://gallery.prwdot.org/pillsbury_state_park*** in Washington, NH. It was a very nice afternoon for a hike (much better than the day on which the Biggses ***previously hiked|http://thebiggspicture.org/2005/06/we-couldnt-decide-on-title-for-this.html***), and Pillsbury has some really nice scenery… mountains, lakes, and some very nice looking campsites (we’d love to get Site 28 some time, if possible). After the hike, we had all worked up quite an appetite, which we satisfied at the Biggs House with breakfast for dinner… fresh bacon, eggs, French toast, Belgian waffles… yum.

We finally arrived home in Beverly with just enough time to unload our belongings and get some sleep… and now, yet another week of work. Life goes on!

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