I can’t believe I’m knitting!

ggg|pfkp/P1030899|Knitting? Knitting!|ggg

Yes, it’s true! Photos will be posted to ***Peter’s First Knitting Project|http://gallery.prwdot.org/pfkp*** as this lovely green… thing… progresses. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “I can’t believe I’m knitting!

  1. Ken F

    Ok, first you have friends look up what videos you’re watching now you’re taking up knitting!! You guys got to spice up your life!!!!! How about body piercing? Head banging conventions? Come on guys! Let’s get some movement going! Next thing you know you’ll be holding each others’ hands and going for walks on the beach and just watching sunsets together!

  2. Peter

    Hey, look who’s talking! My post wasn’t online for more than 20 minutes before you had commented on it! And on a Saturday morning, no less! Shouldn’t you be mowing the lawn or something?

  3. Ken F

    Done did that yesterday! I’m a teacher! Stayed up till midnight, slept in till 8! 🙂 Just finished reading the paper. Maybe I’ll take a nap!


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