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I’m subscribed to Robert Ellis’ blog [Futurosity]( Robert is a management consultant and Mac fanatic, and Futurosity serves as a place for him to post various Mac-related news and tidbits. I first encountered Robert’s work in his former standalone blog, Handpicked Software. It was a log of his reviews and notes on new Mac software products. I started reading Futurosity after he [rolled Handpicked Software into Futurosity](, and I’ve been following it ever since (you can still follow Handpicked Software – it’s now a [category]( on Futurosity).

Anyway, I recently noticed a post about [free HP black ink cartridges]( This piqued my interest, since we have an HP printer, and those cartridges are $30 a pop! So I headed over to read the post.. only to find that this was an old offer, and that since he had no takers, he would be selling the cartridges on eBay. I fired off a desperate comment, and wouldn’t you know it, Robert decided to go ahead and send me the cartridges anyway! What a swell guy! I’m looking forward to getting the cartridges… our printer is running dangerously low on ink. In the meantime, head over and check out [Futurosity](

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