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[Meebo]( is a web-based instant messaging tool I’ve been playing around with for a couple of weeks now. It uses [AJAX]( technology to display a buddy list and IM windows, and the [GAIM]( library to provide connectivity to various IM services. You can log in to AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Jabber, Google Talk, and Yahoo Messenger. The interface is very smooth and simple, and while it’s not as full-featured as a traditional desktop-based IM client such as [Adium](, it sure packs a wallop for a web application. It’s also a great choice for when you’re on a computer system that doesn’t have an IM client already, and for whatever reason you can’t download one. The Meebo team is hard at work on pushing out bug fixes and feature releases, and they deserve commendation. Their most recent [release]( includes the ability to set away messages, and the ability to view a buddy’s info and away message while hovering over their icon.

If you’re away from your regular IM client, or even if you’re not, give [Meebo]( a try today! And if you’d like to IM us, you can find our screen names for various services on the [contact page](

2 thoughts on “Meelike Meebo

  1. nikkiana

    I’ve been extremely impressed with Meebo thus far. One, I can sign onto all my IM programs at school without downloading a client. Two, since everything is all contained within one window AND I’m a Firefox user, I can easily hide that I’m on IM when I’m in the lab (while it’s not explicitly prohibited, it’s usage is somewhat frowned upon in the labs). I’m certain I’ll be using it more as the bugs get ironed out.

  2. michelle

    I wasn’t even aware that all those IM services (jabber, gmail, etc) existed. I first used ICQ in 2000 I think, but switched to MSN Messenger the next year as most of my friends used Hotmail.


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