A Holiday Faux Pas

What’s wrong with this picture?


(Click on the image for a closer look.)

Here’s a hint: If you said “You can’t get spiral sliced ham for $1.89/lb!”, you’re wrong. I *wish* this was a joke. Thanks to Becky for pointing this out while looking through the circulars this weekend.

7 thoughts on “A Holiday Faux Pas

  1. christine

    that’s so awesome. i’m laughing my backend off.

    I sent this to my boss. we work in the supermarket business, and this is the kind of thing we are constantly thinking about.

    ha! funny.

  2. Peter

    Just FYI, our friend Jenny‘s dad is some sort of head honcho at Market Basket. I mentioned this to her last night, and she said that he’s already received plenty of calls on the subject. Apparently the faux pas was also posted on some signs at stores, but those signs were easily taken down. The flyers had already gone out, of course, so there’s not much they can do about it.

    So have a laugh, but please don’t go calling/writing them about it. I’m sure they’ve taken enough heat already.

  3. Angela

    You know what? I picked up that flyer last weekend, and didn’t even notice the faux pas. Geez I got a good laugh when I figured it out! Pork and ham for Hanukkah! Classic!

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  5. Bethany

    When I saw the flier, I was impressed that they actually printed the words “Merry Christmas”. (I didn’t catch on to the un-kosher fauxpaux until I read your blog) American commercialism is so rabid to erase any Christmas reference that everything is “holiday” instead of Christmas. Maybe I’m just bitter from working two jobs in retail right now. Customers give me a second glance when I say Merry Christmas when I wait on them, instead of saying “have a happy holiday”. There’s even a Honda commerical on TV right now that has carolers singing the tune “We wish you a merry Christmas”, but they took out the word Christmas and changed it to Holiday (and had to squeeze an extra syllable into the lyrics to boot). Humph.


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