Car seat – check!

This morning, we finally got around to test-installing the car seat in both of our cars. It is very easy to install in my car, because the Corolla has the [LATCH]( system. No need to use the seat belt, you just use the LATCH belt built into the car seat and hook it to the anchors built into the car. Becky’s car was a little bit trickier. It doesn’t have LATCH, and so we had to use the traditional seat belt method to attach the seat. The hardest part was that we had to install a locking clip on the seat belt so that the lap belt wouldn’t retract.

Now we can legally take our baby home from the hospital… when the baby arrives, that is! (Sorry, no news on that front yet!) In the meantime, here’s some photos of the [car seat installation](

P.S. — We have consolidated all of the baby-related photos into a new top-level album: [Baby]( Hopefully we will be filling it up with lots more photos very soon. 🙂

One thought on “Car seat – check!

  1. bobrk

    Just happened to check out your baby blog, and since I’ve gone around a couple of times with the baby seats, I thought I’d make a comment…

    I don’t know how old Becky’s Golf is, but we had a 2001 Passat, and were able to get LATCH brackets installed in the back seat for free.

    Also, if you pull VW seatbelts out all the way, you’ll hear a ratcheting sound when the belt goes back in. That means that the seatbelt is now locked and you don’t have to use the seatbelt clip.


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