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At the Beach


Catherine and I had a splendid week on Martha’s Vineyard with my Mom. We missed Peter, of course, and were very happy to see him when he came back down on Friday night. Here’s what Catherine did during the week.

*Waved the Dads off on the “Daddy Boat”

*Bought some zucchini with Mom and some limeade with Peter at the West Tisbury Farmer’s Market

*Belted out some songs at the Community Sing with Mom and H

*Watched glass bowls being made at Martha’s Vineyard Glass Works.

*Ate her fair share of an “Oink” with some family members

*Attended her first parade: the annual Festival of the Holy Ghost parade

*And she took a dip in the Ocean.

*She was so lucky to get to spend time with a ton of people! Grammy, the Delisles, H and E, Allison, Cindy, Auntie Marcia, Uncle Kevin, Matt and Christine, the Homoleskis, Uncle Corey, Beth, Auntie Susie, Nancy and Casey, Grandpa, John and Roberta, Craig and Edie, many, many others, and, of course, Mom, and Dad!

A multitude of photos from the week can be found here.

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