Recent Diaper Changes

Over the past week or so, Catherine has had her diaper changed in the following locations:

* The back seat of Becky’s grandpa’s car.
* The front seat of said car.
* The hood…
* The trunk lid…
* My old bed at home in [Mount Vernon, OH](
* In the nursery at [Mansfield First Alliance Church](
* At [Mark]( and Kirsten’s apartment in [Mansfield, OH](
* At Megan, Matt, and Henry’s house in [Columbus, OH](
* At Becky, Todd, and Luke’s house in [Wooster, OH](
* At a changing station in the restroom at [The Barn](
* On the desk in [my dad](’s office at [Mount Vernon Nazarene University](
* At a changing station in the restroom at the [Madison, OH Public Library](
* In the living room at the Lyttle house in [Williamsville, NY](
* In our hotel room at the [Days Hotel and Conference Center, Toronto](
* In the washroom at [St. Lawrence Market](
* On a park bench outside of [Casa Loma](
* In the washroom at [Spadina Garden](
* In a public washroom outside of [Toronto City Hall](
* On the floor in the washroom at Quizno’s on Yonge St. in Toronto.
* On a bench near an elevator in the [Royal Ontario Museum](
* On the floor in the washroom at [Indochine](
* In the washroom on the Observation Level of the [CN Tower](
* At various rest stops along Interstate 90.

Wow. We’ll give you more details on the stuff other than diaper changes soon. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Recent Diaper Changes

  1. Lynda Small

    Hi there,
    I see you went to Casa Loma in Toronto. I should have told you that the Spadina House right next door is soooooo much nicer in my opinion. I’ve toured it about 4 times myself. The Palm Room Scene in Ann of Green Gables was filmed in the Spadina House. However, both houses have been used in constant TV show/movies. The unique shower in Casa Loma I have seen in a couple of TV shows.
    Oh well, I hope you can catch it next time.
    George and I enjoyed visiting with your family here in Mount Vernon. “Catherine with a C…” is a keeper–a line from Ann of Green Gables….
    Blessings, Lynda

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