A Midwinter Walk

So here we are in the middle of winter. On what might normally be a cold day, we went for a stroll in jeans and t-shirts. Why?


67.5 Degrees Fahrenheit!


ppp|She likes it!

She likes it!


We all enjoyed the warm weather, as weird as it was! You can check out [more pics from our walk](http://prwdot.org/gallery2/v/events/2007/unseasonable_warmth/).

3 thoughts on “A Midwinter Walk

  1. Jenny R.

    Those are some great pictures. Wasn’t yesterday just AMAZING? I wore a t-shirt and flip-flops around all day! Catherine sure looks like she was enjoying herself. She’s such a cutie 🙂

  2. michelle

    it is super warm here too… no snow and my driveway is a perpetual lake/mud pit. every day i walk outside and think “surely it must be may already!”


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