What She Saw in… by Lucinda Rosenfeld

The full title of this novel is What She Saw In Rogermancuso, Gunter Hopstock, Jason Barry Gold, Spitty Clark, Jack Geezo, Humphrey Fung, Claude Duvet, Bruce Bledstone, Kevin McFeeley, Arnold Allen, Pablo Miles, Anonymous 1-4, Nobody 5-8, Neil Schmertz and Bo Pierce. Any guesses as to what it is about?

What She Saw In… was a frustrating read for me because I was constantly annoyed with Phoebe, the protagonist. Her self destructive attitude led her to meaningless relationships that, hard as she may have tried, never satisfied her. Each encounter left her questioning who she was and how she lived.

Not having ever been a serial dater, I was unable to identify with Phoebe; or even know if Rosenfeld painted an acurate portrait of this kind of life. I found myself alternately saddened and disgusted by her lifestyle. It was an enlightening look into a life vastly different than my own.

The writing was young and fresh, the story slightly engaging but overall not a bad read.

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