Wedding Mania!

In the span of 15 days, Rebecca, Catherine and I will be attending four weddings!

This weekend, I’m heading down to Pennsylvania for my cousin Katybeth’s wedding, which is on Saturday. I’ll actually be doing some of the photography at her wedding, which should be fun as well as a learning experience. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Catherine, along with Dianne, are on a road trip out to Springfield, Ohio for her friend Heather’s wedding, which happens to be on the same day and at the same time as Katybeth’s wedding! We’ll all be reunited on Monday when the ladies get back from their road trip.

Then, the next weekend, we’ll be trekking up to Bennington, Vermont for my friend Becca’s wedding. I’ll be helping out at her wedding, too, except there I’ll be lending my musical talents as I play the cello part in some cello-piano duets for the prelude and processionals. The last time I played for a crowd was at [Jeremy and Angela](’s wedding, so I’ve been practicing up a storm to get ready.

Finally, the weekend after that, we’ll be at Rebecca’s cousin Matthew’s wedding. No duties that I’m aware of for this wedding, just to be there and enjoy! Of course, I’m sure I’ll take a photo or two. 🙂

Anyone else got a wedding we should know about? 🙂 We’ll do our best to get photos and reports up on the blog for all of the wedding madness!

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