Christmas Joys: the Tree

One Christmas many moons ago (four years ago, but who’s counting?) Peter and were spending Christmas in Pennsylvania with his family. It was my first Christmas away from my family and also my first Christmas morning in a hotel. I was feeling a bit melancholy about missing the big tree an ‘home-ness’ of the hotel and during a last minute gift run to the Schuylkill Mall, we decided to buy a little tree.

It was the cheapest tree that K-Mart sold. It was also fiber optic. I’ve had serious mixed feelings over the years about this tree. I typically do not like artificial trees, or light-up branches. It is too small and the branches change color on a too-fast rotation.

BUT-having lived in an apartment for years and not wanting a real tree this year (due to the two ts- travel and toddler) we continue to set up this little tree year after year. I fear it is starting to grow on me.


Still, I miss the pine smell, the cutting of the tree, the vacuuming of the fallen needles, the tucking of a bird’s nest inside and all the other things that come along with having a real tree. There’s always next year’s tree to plan for! How do you trim your trees?

One thought on “Christmas Joys: the Tree

  1. jennifair

    Do you remember my little Charlie-Brown-type tree from Tavilla? It has found a use this year after sitting in the garage since college – I brought it over to Matt’s new place and we decorated it! It’s small, but looks so much better decorated than it does when it’s “naked!” At home, we had an old fake tree for years, but it started to get really sad and was far too large, so last year my parents bought a new-fake tree, already decorated with lights. This makes it very convenient. I love the smell of the real tree, tho, but since Matt’s mom is allergic, I fear we won’t ever have one unless they aren’t coming to our house at Christmastime! Sad! At least we have a fresh wreath on the door!! We don’t really have any tree traditions, though, except to do some remembering as we hang up the ornaments that have been collected through the years. Merry Christmas, my dears! Enjoy your time in Ohio!


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