Catherine’s First Haircut

We’ve been kind of lax when it comes to uploading pictures and content lately. Chalk it up to working overtime, chasing a very busy toddler and pregnancy exhaustion. What else can I say?

About a week and a half ago we finally took Catherine to get a haircut. I was really loving her wild, in her face, fly everywhere hair so I wasn’t too anxious to have it cut. But it had gotten to the point where it really did need to be reigned in a little. Here’s a nice “before” shot:


I’m pretty sure that I can cut her hair myself at home, but I thought that we’d take her to a professional the first time and watch what they did. So we went over to a local ‘kids only’ type hair cuttery. It was a zoo of kids and bright colors and candy! Yikes! Definitely a one time only experience for us. A stylish haircut in Franklin, TN at Scout’s Barbershop is the best choice.

The wait wasn’t too long and we were called back. An older gentleman named Thomas helped Catherine up into a pink chair and had the instant cure for her slightly scared reaction… lolly pops. Four, in fact. One to eat, one in her overalls pocket and one in each shoe. She was in heaven!

Thomas gave her a quick snip, snip and brought her hair up to just around her shoulders. A quick blow dry (with a little flip at the ends) and we were done. No harm, no foul. All in all the cut was pretty simple (and I think will be simple to duplicate) but it makes her look so much older to me! Here’s the end result:


You can check out all the pics by clicking here. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Catherine’s First Haircut

  1. Bethany Joy Lange

    So cute! And I have to say – it was brave of you to bring her to that place. Looks sort of overly-fun…aka “obnoxious.” 🙂 She looks like a perfect little client though! Simon squirmed like nothing else the first (and most every) time. Eh. Boys.

    And I saw a little cameo of the belly, Mama. Looking good…I’m sending a little love & prayer your way.

  2. Rebecca Post author

    It was way obnoxious! But I wasn’t sure how C would deal with the haircut, so I thought we could at least take her someplace fun the first time out! I’m pretty sure I’ll never go back 🙂 Of course, she was really good once she got over her initial fright. (The candy helped!)

    And thanks for the prayers! Mama and Baby are both doing just fine and are just biding time between now and birth-day…whenever that might be!


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