Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Today we’re attending Easter services at our home church, Dane Street Church in Beverly, MA. I’m playing the cello in a performance of Don Francisco’s “He Is Alive!” We’ve rehearsed quite a bit, and I think it is going to sound great, and hopefully send a great message to the many people I expect will be attending today.

After church, we’ll be heading out to Townsend to have Easter dinner with Rebecca’s parents. After that, we’ll be leaving on a road trip to Washington, D.C. My cousin, Kim, is getting married in the area next weekend, and we’re going to spend the preceding week doing some sightseeing. I’m really looking forward to the whole week.

Today also marks the end of my Lenten Challenge, where I had given up Facebook and Twitter for Lent. I succeeded in abstaining from both of those for the duration. However, I’ll be glad to get back on Facebook. While I do think that I’ll be more conscientious about my use, it’s too valuable for staying connected to my family and church life for me to consider giving it up entirely. Rebecca can attest to the number of times she’s had to relay important news and information to me that was only posted on Facebook.

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