Expecting Christmas

Crafting up a storm

Crafting up a storm

We’re just a few short days from Christmas. The Wood household is busy with activity, particularly in the evenings when the little ones are asleep. Rebecca has made and mailed Christmas cards, knitted and sewn a plethora of gifts, wrapped and packed gifts for loved ones, and started decorate the house with decorations from this glowing blog. I am usually busy getting the girls ready for bed, doing chores, and offering opinions on Rebecca’s creative endeavors where requested. Last weekend, I took the girls with me down to Somerville to visit my cousin Mark, and so that we could all be out of Rebecca’s hair for the day. She appreciated the chance to do some serious crafting with no interruptions.

At work we’re at the end of ‘Wind-Down Week,’ the last week before Christmas where the busy-ness of the season starts to slow down. The company spends the week showering us with free food, folks bring in treats to share, and everyone starts taking stock of the previous year and planning for a successful new one.



Our house is lightly but tastefully decorated for Christmas. One of my favorite decorations is the advent candle holder that Rebecca made from a slice of an old log. I also appreciate Catherine’s attempt to replace a ‘fallen angel’ from our nativity set with a doll from her dollhouse.

I’ve got one more day of work, then we’ll be spending part of Christmas Eve in Townsend with the Quitadamo family. We’ll come back for the Christmas Eve service at Dane Street, and on Christmas morning we’ll have a little Christmas at home, attend the Christmas Morning service at Dane Street, and then head out to Townsend again to spend the rest of Christmas day with Rebecca’s parents.

After Christmas, I’ll be working Tuesday and Wednesday, and Wednesday night we’ll begin our trek out to Ohio to visit my parents, sister and brother-in-law and niece. We’ll be out there for a whole week, and I’m looking forward to the road trip with Rebecca, Catherine and Esme, the visit with my family, and the break from work.

You can see a few more photos of Christmas decorations around our house.

I hope that you have a Merry Christmas, wherever you are!

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