A Pose

fifty nine

I finished knitting my new sweater in a parking lot. We were early to meet friends for dinner, and I was making good use of the time. I was so desperate to see how it looked that I stepped out into the next parking space and asked Catherine to take my picture.

I was ordered to strike a pose.

I didn’t have enough yarn to finish the sleeves that the pattern calls for, but as I really like the looks of the Icelandic Lopi Vest (like this one) I wasn’t very disappointed.

Will I be knitting more sweaters for myself? Time will tell. This was a really nice first go at it and I really like the results. There are a few other patterns that I have my eye on, but I feel like I am always walking a fine line between needing more things, what I’m willing to spend on yarn and the time needed for the job. At that moment when the stars align, I’m sure I would tackle another Mama sized garment.

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