Two hours at Chipotle

one hundred and forty two

All day I have been looking forward to a dinner date with my dear, sweet friend Bethany. (Hi Beth!!) And all day long I have thought to myself, “don’t worry about a photo for today. You can take one with Beth tonight and it will be perfect!”

But, I didn’t.

Instead we sat and ate and caught up on each other’s lives. We swapped old stories and talked British tv. We joked and laughed and refilled our drinks and talked some more. Soul searching and house searching and family and “how could those people leave without clearing their table!” A little of this and a little of that and before we knew it two hours had passed. As is often the case, I left our outing with a happy heart and sore smiling muscles!

By the time I remembered that I had wanted to take a photo I was following her car on the road home. Not the picture I was intending to commemorate the evening, but after such a lovely evening, I find that I don’t mind one bit!

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