The Force is Strong with These Two

If I could make a living out of “going to your house, rifling though your things, and making costumes from what you already have” I would be a happy camper. Do you think people would pay me for that?

Scratch that, I am pretty sure I would do it for free!

Thankfully, I have plenty of opportunities to do that in my own home, and awesome kids who are happy to let me dress them up.

Leia and ‘generic female Jedi’ had a great time at a friend’s Star Wars themed birthday party today. The side buns were a success and there were minimal light saber incidents. I’d call that a win all around.

It would be a shame not to share some other pics from their photo shoot. Enjoy.

[SME_gallery ids=’hhj4d9T,cTJFGbV,KZHBVGV,BBSjdfr,dKscrzv,QVmFvCJ’ size=’ThumbURL’ columns=’3′ caption=” link=’Lightbox’ new=’Yes’]

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