Trap Falls

Today’s photo of the day is brought to you from the 50% of our day’s hiking adventures that were given a thumbs up by the girls.

But before we get to the rest of the photos from our time there, we should start with the 50% that wasn’t quite as awesome. We were traveling around the state today for a few different jobs and engagements and found ourselves with a bit of time to spare. I found a little hiking trail just off our route and we pulled up to the trailhead excited to check it out. Unfortunately, there were seven million mosquitos in residence who were equally as excited to check us out. The girls made a valiant effort to push on, but in the end we gave up and went running back to the car. The photo on the left below is from the retreating portion of the hike (note Esme’s arms swinging to swat the skeeters) and the photo on the left shows our true feelings about this particular hike.

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We ate some lunch and had time to visit a favorite spot of mine out near my hometown, Trap Falls. The river was low and we had a great time scrambling up the rocks as we made our way up river above the falls. We tested and honed our balance and agility as we climbed and we discussed erosion and the water table and gerridae. Hands and help were offered and accepted and refused between the three of us and a slip (leading to a somewhat damp girl) that would in the past have been a big deal was, somehow, not such a problem anymore.

We climbed up and down the falls, splashed, tossed rocks and posed for pictures. Declarations of love to the falls were spoken and promises to return were made. Mama was redeemed for her earlier, quite disastrous, poor taste in hiking trails and all was well with the world.

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