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Myopia Sled Dog Races

Just last week I had heard via Twitter that there would be sled dog races taking place in South Hamilton. Interested in this unique type of event, I made plans with the family to head up and see them.

On Saturday we drove up to South Hamilton for the 9am start of the race, and found a parking spot near one of the spectating points. Catherine became busy in exploring the surrounding area while training one of the smaller puppies with sturdy collars, harnesses prevent pulling without command. We made friends with some other kids who were building tunnels in the snow, made some snow angels, and took some walks with me while we waited to see the dogs.

Papa and Catherine

Papa and Catherine

We waited for a while, hanging near the volunteers who were getting updates on the progress of the race. It seems that the start of the first race was delayed. We watched as snowmobiles raced back and forth along the track, volunteers groomed and cleared snow, and some cross-country skiers came through. The crowd continued to grow as we waited. At long last (about an hour and a half after we arrived) the first dogs ran past!



The first race was one with which we were unfamiliar, Skijoring. This race is essentially dog-assisted cross-country skiing. I was a bit surprised when they came around the corner and there was no sled. Since that was my only exposure to “sled dog racing,” that’s what I had been expecting. In any case, there were three or four competitors in the race, and they raced out past us and then came back. Some of the dogs raced wildly off the track, while others seemed a bit more controlled.

Beautiful Dogs

Beautiful Dogs

By the time the Skijorn finished, the girls were getting pretty antsy and cold and hungry, and Rebecca had an appointment to keep, so we sadly had to depart the race. Perhaps next year the race won’t start quite as late, or maybe they could provide text messaging updates on the morning of the race as to when it was actually going to start.

We have many photos from the race in our gallery, including quite a few of Catherine’s adventures along the track. 🙂


Today marks the start of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing! Rebecca and I are always big fans of the Olympics, and although we’re not holding a massive Olympics party like we sometimes do, we will certainly be watching the opening ceremonies, as well as many of the events.

In honor of the start of the Olympics, I thought I’d share a few photos from some of our previous Olympic adventures.

Here are some from our visit to the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs last summer.

Olympic family
The Woods in front of the Olympic training center
Olympic family
We had a while to wait, back then!
Olympic family
The Champions!

You can view more photos from the Olympic Training Center.

In 2006, we had the pleasure of visiting the Olympic Complex in Montreal, site of the 1976 summer Olympics:

The Olympic Tower and Stadium in Montreal

There are more photos from Montreal in the gallery.

Finally, some photos from our last Olympics party, for the 2006 games in Torino.

Flags of the Nations – each of the invitations had the flag of a different country.

As the “host” country, we made an Italian flag pizza. 🙂

Hope you enjoy the Olympics!

Tacoby Bellsbury

Thanks to Jacoby Ellsbury of the [Red Sox](, on October 30 we scored three [free tacos at Taco Bell](!

Peter loves those tacos!

There was quite a lineup at the North Shore Mall’s Taco Bell location. See our Gallery for [more photos](!

Harmony, Hotdogs, and Hits

Last night the three Woods headed over to Danvers’ Glen Magna Farms for the Danvers Family Festival‘s Harmony, Hotdogs and Hits. There was a jazz band playing, there were hotdogs for sale, and there was a vintage base ball match with the Essex Base Ball Club taking on the Melrose Pondfielders in 1860’s era base ball.

We enjoyed the evening, particularly the chance to watch and learn about classic base ball, and the opportunity to shout such phrases as “well struck, sir!”. 🙂 More photos here.

Go Bucks!

ppp|Go Bucks!|ppp

See the [whole photo shoot]( 🙂

Sadly, it doesn’t look like Catherine’s team spirit has helped the Buckeyes this year. There’s always next season!

where’s his super suit?

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the glaring similarities between American speed skater, Shani Davis and “Incredibles” character Frozone?

ppp|Shani Davis Frozone|ppp

Davis is a fine skater, but all I can think about when he skates is Samuel Jackson’s voice yelling “where’s MY super suit?!?” Teehee.

Frozone Image © Disney Enterprises, Inc./Pixar Animation Studios. Shani Davis Photo Copyright © Meijco van Velzen.

She speaks!

Yeah, yeah. It’s been a while. I know!  Here’s a post that catches you up on what I’ve had on my mind lately.

My very, very dear friend Jennifer is engaged!  WooHoo! Mosey on over to her site and wish her well!

Don’t you think the Olympics are awesome?  I’ve been watching as much as my little eyes can handle. Personal favorites at the moment include Curling and the new Snowboard-cross event. I wish that NBC would do more coverage of some of the ‘lesser known’ American athletes as well as features on athletes from other countries. For me the Olympics are as much a learning experience as they are sporting events.

BabyWood is doing quite well. I had a check-up this past Monday and the doctor is happy with our progress.  Monday was also the day of the famous ‘Glucose Tolerance Test’; wherin you drink an orange soda-y drink and then they test your blood.  We passed with flying colors, which means that I’m not in danger of gestational diabetes. phew!  This morning I was treated to a large and painful needle administering the first of two rhogam shots. Thank you very much RH- blood!  I know it is for a good cause, though, so it is easier to bear.

I’ve been doing some good reading lately.  I don’t think I’ll do big reviews for you, but let me know what you thought (if you’ve read them)!  Empire Falls by Richard Russo, The World According to Garp by John Irving and Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss.  As always, feel free to pass on any recommendations. I’m always on the lookout for something good to read!

Passion Lives Here

fff|ppp|Italian Flag Pizza

Italian Flag Pizza


Yes, the Wood household is passionate about the Olympics. We have thrown several parties for the Opening Ceremonies of various games, most recently for the [Athens 2004]( summer games. On Friday night, we threw a party for the Opening Ceremonies of the [Torino 2006]( winter games. (Warning: that site has up-to-the-minute scores, so if you’re waiting to watch a taped broadcast, don’t look!)
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Run, Tom, Run!

fff|ggg|boston_marathon_2004/FH000011_3|Tom in last year’s Marathon|ggg
Tom in last year’s Marathon|fff

Today marks the 109th running of the ***Boston Marathon|***. Becky’s uncle Tom is going to be running it again this year. Last year, Becky and I were able to take the day off and ***watch the Marathon|***, but this year we’ll be cheering Tom on from afar. If you’re interested in tracking Tom’s progress, you can go to the ***Boston Marathon|*** site once the race begins, and put in his bib number: 21485.

Good luck, Tom!

***Direct link to the athlete tracking page|***

Update @ 1:20 PM
Tom has passed the 10k mark and his pace is currently 8 minutes per mile. If he can keep it up, he’ll finish in about three hours and 30 minutes. Go Tom!!

Update @ 2:45 PM
As of the 30k checkpoint, Tom was still right on the 8 minutes per mile pace, for a projected running time of 3 hours 30 minutes 54 seconds. That would put him finishing at around 3:40 PM. Keep up the good work!!

Update @ 4:00 PM
Tom has completed the Marathon in 3 hours, 40 minutes, 35 seconds! His time last year was 4 hours, 8 minutes, 43 seconds – that’s nearly half an hour that he slashed off of his time. And he came in only 10 minutes later than the time he had hoped for. Congratulations Tom!!

Learning To Ski

My very first day on skis at ***Sunday River|*** was actually not that bad. Considering that many people have been trying for so very long to get me to learn how to ski, and that this was such a momentous occasion for me, I am giving it its due weight. Read on for all of the details…
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